Leeuwarden – Tabletop Testing Night – 19 July 2019

blokhuispoort-rechtenvrij-2660969_1280De zomervakantie komt eraan, we gaan nog een keer speltesten voordat het zover is! Dit is het laatste event voordat we een pauze nemen en in september weer zullen gaan speltesten.  Hieronder meer informatie en kun je je aanmelden voor 19 juli. Overigens zullen we in de komende weken nog wat blogs gepost worden, verwacht nog wat content…

The summer break is about to start, we will have a final playtesting event and then have a short break. In September we return with playtesting event. Below more information about the final event on 19 July and how to sign up. We will by the way offer some more content during the next weeks…

Join the ‘Spellenmaakgilde’ playtesting night in Leeuwarden! On Friday the 19th of July we will have another playtesting event in the Blokhuispoort, Leeuwarden.
Do you love board / card / dice games? Like to play new concepts? Join us for a tabletop testing night! Or have you made a game and you want to have it tested? Bring it along to let people play it and get feedback!

We have around 25 free places. Please register so we know how many people are coming. The location opens at 18.00 for people who want to join for takeaway food. Around 19:00 we will start playing. There will be enough opportunities to hop in or out at any time during the evening. We close shop around 23.00+ hours.

Want to join? All you need to do is:

Sign up here
– Bring some drinks, booze, food or snacks
– If you have a game prototype, bring that
– Come over to the Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden

About the location:
The Blokhuispoort is the old prison building in the centre of Leeuwarden (address: Blokhuisplein 40). The Tabletop Testing Night will take place in the ‘Boekbinderij’ room. This room can be found by entering the Blokhuispoort and on the first open square, turn right and go into the building into a hallway. The room is at the end of this hallway to the right.

We hope to see you then. Come over and play! Please spread the word (and this form) to anyone you think that might be also interested. Follow us on Twitter: @spelmaakgilde. Like us on Facebook and you can share the event there!

Thank you!

For any inquiries or questions about the Leeuwarden Testing Nights, contact Mitchel Bonnema or Friso Roolvink.

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