Looking back – September 2018 Event

More than 30 participants ensured quite some prototypes were playtested. Plus information on publishers and self-publication were shared. Finally, there was a shooting for something in the works that miiiight be crowdfunded in the future….

Thanks to you all and see you at the next event, Friday 5 October. Want more play and games? Consider these 2 events:


Saturday 22 September is the next 2-yearly game convention Noorderspel. It is in Groningen. There are game demo’s, competitions, a game designer contest, sales of games and a bring & buy of second hand games. (plus, -self-plug- you can get a demo by Arjan on his game Tricky Dungeon).


Come by at our table during this national game convention in Amersfoort for a chat or to playtest a game. Perhaps bring your own prototype? The event is scheduled at Saturday 29 September (Zie de website).

Wait what? Pictures? Sure:

Game on!

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